Monday, June 21, 2010

Britney in ICU

Britney was found by her nurse hardly breathing this morning. She was blue and had aspirated some vomit into her lungs. She was brought to a near by ER at north suburban and almost immediatley sent to ICU now on a ventilator. She is very septic from pneumonia and a urinary infection. She is on multiple antibiotics and medicine to keep her blood pressure up. We are all flying to Denver in the morning ( no more flights are available from Tucson or Phoenix tonight).


  1. John, know that we're praying for God's sovereign hand on Britney, you, and the kids. I just got off the phone with Casey, and he said she's in good hands. Love to you all. Sandy

  2. John, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Love, the Wicke's

  3. Sending heartfelt prayers to Britney, you, and the kids.

  4. Love you John and Britney ... love you sweet babies ... love you

    P.S. the weirdest thing just happened, as I was posting the letters I had to type in were "COUSHI" looks like Cous Hi, like hi cousin .... weird ...

  5. We love you guys! Sending you our love and prayers.

  6. John & family,
    My husband works with Britney's dad, Casey, at the station and I've been following what's been going on since it began. I just got word via text this morning about Britney. My thoughts and prayers are you with you and your family. She seems like she was such a wonderful wife & mom!
    Please know that the fire dept. family will support you in whatever way you need.
    God Bless,
    Noell Sole