Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You

Thank you all for your love and support. Thank you for the anonymous donations, all the cards, food, kind words, help with the kids. I will be shutting down the blog site in a week. Thank you for following along to support us. We are doing better. It's still a huge roller coaster to get through losing Britney but I know she is at peace and is in a place where she can't hurt or suffer anymore.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a quick FYI. We will not be having a public viewing, just a private family viewing. The service tomorrow starts at 10:00 am but everyone is welcome to come to look at pictures and a tribute DVD and talk with us starting at 9:15 am.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Funeral Wednesday

Thank you all so so much for all of your comments on the blog, calls, emails, facebook messages/posts with pictures, offers to help. I'm trying to get back to everyone and I will soon. Thank you for all of your love. We are doing better today. We went to the mountians in Britney's favorite spot as a whole family and spent a lot of time there.

We met with the mortuary this morning and the Funeral will be Wednesday at 10:00 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints Coal Mine Building. Here's the address
10209 W. Coal Mine Ave
Littleton, CO 80128
After speaking with the Funeral Director she told us the best way to send cards or flowers from out of town would be to have them to the Church. The building will be open at 8:00 am that day.

Many people have asked about helping in lots of different ways or sending cards. Me and the kids are staying at my parents house at 12278 W Tennessee place Lakewood, CO 80228. You can email me at any time. I may not get back to you right away but I will.

Also people have asked about the trust fund again. Here's the info we posted last July again.

You can go to any Chase bank. The account is titled for the benefit of Britney. The Acct # is 815195532. Make your donations to John Winkler since Britney was not able to be there in person to set up the account.

Again please don't feel obligated to help in one way or another. We are posting this info because friends and family asked us to. We love all of you and thank you for being such a support during this horrible year we have survived. The greatest miracle in our eyes is who Britney was, how much time we had with her, the love we were given, and the chance to see her again when she has a perfect resurrected body. She is at peace I feel it very strongly and I feel that she knows all of your love and prayers for her and our family. None of it was wasted. The only thing you can take with you when you leave is who you have become, and your relationships. Nothing else matters.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Britney passed away peacefully

Britney passed away peacefully this morning. She has been kept comfortable by a wonderfull staff at North Suburban hospital since she got to the ICU there. She had severe septic shock from a UTI and possibly a pneumonia along with aspiration pneumonitis. She had a prolonged period of severe respiratory distress and was in septic shock before she was able to be recussitated at North Suburban. We believe she may have suffered another anoxic insult to her brain before she got the propper care at North Suburban. Our family all agreed she had been through enough. Everyone of her sisters were able to make it before she passed away. We are planning funeral services and will make a date final tomorow. We will post time and location when we know. Thank you all for your increadible support. I know Britney felt your love and I read her a lot of your posts. Your prayers and faith have helped al of us more than you will ever know. She is at peace now. I feel it very very strongly and she is not trapped in a tourtured body any more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Britney in ICU

Britney was found by her nurse hardly breathing this morning. She was blue and had aspirated some vomit into her lungs. She was brought to a near by ER at north suburban and almost immediatley sent to ICU now on a ventilator. She is very septic from pneumonia and a urinary infection. She is on multiple antibiotics and medicine to keep her blood pressure up. We are all flying to Denver in the morning ( no more flights are available from Tucson or Phoenix tonight).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Anniversary of Britney getting sick

It has been a year since Britney got sick and I am really having a hard time

today I miss her so much. Having the kids to Tucson is amazing and they

love it here and are adjusting very very well. We are all much happier being

together. We miss Britney so much. On our 8th Wedding anniversary I wrote

a song for her and wanted to post it today. It took me 6 months. Here it is.

"I wish you were the dream that kissed back.

That I could feel your breath on my lips, your touch on my face, see the love

in your eyes.

My Dreams of you are almost real just enough to live another day,

just enough to keep on breathing. Just keep on breathing.

Oh I would give anything… anything Just to hold you again…Just to hold you


I love you, I miss you, I need you. I’ll never get you out of my mind.

You’re the girl of my dreams become real and now gone, but I need you like I

need to breathe.

I waited my whole life to find you; lived in heaven when I was with you

Now you’re gone… gone in the blink of an eye; No time to catch my breath

Waking brings pain; dreams sweet peace.

When I close my eyes you come back alive in my arms, each moment


We dance, you smile, look in my eyes, the brush of your lips on warm on my


As you whisper you love me… you love me

I love you, I miss you, I need you. I’ll never get you out of my mind.

You’re the girl of my dreams become real and now gone, but I need you like I

need to breathe.

But I will always belong to you, only to you

I waited my whole life to find you; you were my dream come alive.

Heaven was in your arms, only in your arms.

If only I knew, if only no moment was lost. If I could relive all of then since

the day me met.

Ordinary moments priceless. Nothing would draw me away. Nothing could

draw me away.

Every day I would hold you longer. Cry with you, laugh with you, sing with

you, dance with you.

Everyday I would kiss you again and again. Never in my own thoughts, only

in your arms.

Only in your arms. Only what you need. Only what you need.

I love you, I miss you, I need you. I’ll never get you out of my mind.

You’re the girl of my dreams become real and now gone,

For only a while… For only a while.

I love you, I miss you, I need you. I’ll never get you out of my mind.

You’re the girl of my dreams become real and now gone.

Come back to me I pray to God you come back to me because I need you

like I need to breathe.

I'll breathe you in while I sleep, live every moment for you till I meet you


Heaven is wherever you are, only where you are. Right now heaven is in my


But one day one, one day I don't know when, dreams will come real once


Come back to me I pray to God you come back to me. I don't know when. I

don't know when.

I love you, I miss you, I need you. I’ll never get you out of my mind.

You’re the girl of my dreams become real and now gone. I don’t know where.

I don’t know where.

I'll be waiting, living, breathing for you. Only for you.

I belong to you. Only to you.

One day I don't know when, I don't know when. One day I know you, my

dream from heaven will

become real once again. Oh how I wish I knew when. How I wish I knew

when. But I will always

wait. I will always wait. If I wait till I die I know I’ll still find you. I’ll find you

there and I will be whole once again, We will be whole once again.

Wherever you are, wherever you are I love you beautiful. I love you."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids coming to Tucson permanently

At the end of the school year my Mom will come live with me and Jonas, Vera, and Anna until I'm done with residency in 2 years. My mom will fly back and forth to Denver and we will come back to visit Britney at least once a month. Thank you all for your support in Denver and Tucson making our crazy life work so we can still be a close family. We love you all. Anna turned one last week and I put pictures and some videos of her on the family web site. Britney has a pneumonia and a UTI that seem to be getting better. Still no progress on getting her to a nursing home closer to family. She seems comfortable for the most part. We have trained the staff a lot on how to make her comfortable.